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Celestial Escapades Vol. 5
by Lily Smith

indie ebook cover

Celestial Escapades Vol. 5

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sex?

Find out as Bounty Hunter and Space Vixen Sera gets more than she bargains for as she takes out one enemy after another, that is, when she isn't cracking a 22nd century whip to her partners hides. Step into her leathery red boots as she steers her starship towards menacing ghost ships floating in space, full of deliciously evil villains, androids built for sexual slavery, and frozen cryotubes full of criminal nymphs and young nymphomaniacs. She finds out that plasma rifles only go so far, and sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get ahead in this part of the galaxy!

- Scene after scene of steamy sex with space vixens, androids, aliens and whip wielding, game-playing Sex Goddesses that rule the galaxy
- Learn why flesh is sometimes a better bargaining chip than plasma shots!
- Taste the forbidden fruit aboard forbidden ships that float between planets
- Red-headed twins, dominatrixes, and taboo robots built for one thing: pleasing you!
- Step into Sera's starship and experience what the galaxy has been hiding from backward and primitive Earthlings! The Heavens await!

Warning: Not for readers offended by BDSM, Domination/Humiliation of Redheaded Twins, Restraint, Alien Sex Toys, Alien Lesbians or DP with android males or females.

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