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Crossing Wands
by CJ Prince

indie ebook cover

Crossing Wands

Crossing Wands is a light-hearted, action-packed erotic M/M gay romance brimming with magic, desire, and sensual college shenanigans. Only at Sacred Myst University, the premier school for talented witches and wizards, can two boys meet, fall in love, and face-off against certain death all in the same week. For new adult Stefan and his tutor in the mystic arts, Clement, it’s a place of wonder, intrigue, and lust. If you’re a fan of Wizarding battles, handsome prodigies, goofy gay-friendly roommates, and sexy encounters, start the adventure now! Excerpt: "The number one rule of Wizarding is this: never sleep with a wizard you can’t best in battle. Or, as the cheekier students at Sacred Myst University say, don’t cross wands unless you’re ready to cross wands. That was the first rule Stefan Stepp broke his freshman year at Ole Myst. Well, certainly one of the first. Stefan had trouble keeping track. It wasn’t that Stefan was a problem child, per se. More so that despite a never ending parade of chastisements and sneers from his family, peers, and school administrators, Stefan never bothered to think ahead. It was only when he found himself, one quiet Autumn morning, underneath the naked, muscled form of Clement la Croix — the legendarily powerful son of the Grand Mistress of Magic, and heir apparent to whole damn Wizarding world — that he realized somewhere, somehow, he had made a very large mistake."

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