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Hazel, Intimately
by Claire Agincourt

indie ebook cover

Hazel, Intimately

With only the light of candles to see by, Hazel, one of the maids of the Blessington Estate, works alone, scrubbing the floors near the boundary wall that separates the mansion into two parts; the house of the living and the house of the dead. As she applies brush to floor, a spirit taunts her with disturbing and threatening words. The head of servants, Margaret, is an old woman who has served the Blessington Family for forty years, and dictates who does what for the household. If you are in her favor, you’ll find your workload varied and fair, however, if she suspects you of being a deviant, leading who she sees as innocent maids into sexual corruptions, you’ll find yourself as Hazel does, working long hours doing the worst jobs; such as working near the boundary wall and collecting the bedpans for the thirty-plus women who live there. Living so far from the nearest city, the maids of the Blessington Estate have formed their own social community in isolation. They attend to their duties, find what distractions they may in their off time, but many find the lack of available romantic partners to be difficult. Seeing this need unfulfilled, Hazel has taken on the work of seeing to those intimate desires in secret on top of her already challenging workload. Hoping to suppress her spirits, exhaust her, and make her life miserable, Margaret sees no reason why she shouldn’t crush Hazel under her heel. While Nora Blessington is away in Brennenburg, pursuing the mystery of a cathedral fire, in Church of Flesh & Fire, a drama of romance, erotic affection, and the struggle against conservative ideals of sexual purity and innocence takes place in her own home.

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indie author Claire Agincourt

Claire Agincourt is a prolific writer of fiction with over thirty titles published, an observer of human behavior, and over-thinker. While the genres Claire writes in are varied, they bring an emphasis on characterization and history, exploring the why’s and how’s behind behaviors, desires, and expressions of sexuality. Often these themes are wrapped in Mystery and Fantasy plots. A professional and lifestyle member in the BDSM community for more than a decade, Claire has taught, explored, and observed a diverse range of sexualities and behaviors. Having been writing for more than twenty years, Claire brings this expertise to the characters they write.

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